About the Novel

Giselle Gottlieb is confused.  Grace is preached from the pulpit of her Lutheran church on the one hand, but if it is really grace and not works that saves, why did youth group feel like a competition to show who was the most “on fire” for God? 

Her mom tells her that girls just don't have the sex drive that boys do, and the standard is absolute purity, so what kind of freak is she if she can't stop thinking about boys and reading the steamy scenes in romance novels?  When she goes away to college, the range of alternative beliefs and worldviews she encounters just confuse her more. 

As she tries and fails to live up to her own impossibly high standards, her most deeply held beliefs are challenged, beginning with what constitutes godly sexuality and the right way to treat those who choose to live differently.

The novel was previously available on this blog platform, but I have decided to transition it to Amazon's self-publishing platform for easier reading on mobile devices.